Light at the end of a curved tunnel

by admin on July 26, 2012

Our natural vision is limited to what we can see clearly without aids. Some objects are easier to perceive than others. The light from many of these objects is often curved and we are able to compensate slightly using our cortex. Others are simply too complex to bend with our minds-eye and require further mending. Adaptive Optics provide exactly such a fix. By taking bent light sources and reshaping them in such a way so as to align the individual photons as they appeared before being bent by space or time, we can envision objects locally or distantly as they were sent originally. This could be as true for a distant star as it would be for a field photo of an apple. Perception is a matter of repair, either within or with tools. We provide exactly those tools to make your range of vision more productive.

In order to bring our lenses into full focus we use super-industrial virtual servers from NYTE, built with considerable amounts of processing power in a mini-rack, enough to power each individual scope in its original form and stocked with solid state drives that can handle reading and writing at RAMming speed.

Once the processing of the image has been handled, we literally bend the lens to fit the shape of the curved space we encounter in the air and can immediately begin to view real-time images with bent lenses that reshape the format and function of these light patterns into a fully discernable envelope ready for re-imaging or printing.

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An adaptive lens can see better than a normal one due to the differential factor available on an adaptive optical focal point.